Melamine Slatwall Panels

 Melamine Slatwall Panels
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Melamine Slatwall Panels

Colors may not show true color.  We provide color chips for exact matches.  Call 800 619 9566

White Melamine Slatwall Panels

White Melamine Slatwall Panels

1 to 9 $64 Each - 10 & Up $46.00


Gray Melamine Slatwall Panels

Gray Melamine Slatwall Panels

1 to 9 $67 Each 10 & Up $47.00 Each

Almond Melamine Slatwall Panels

Almond Melamine Slatwall

1 to 9 $67 Each 10 & Up $46.00 Each

Black Melamine Slatwall Panel

Black Melamine Slatwall Panel

1 to 9 $72.00 Each - 10 & Up $47 Each

Brushed Aluminum Melamine Slatwall Panel

1 to 9 $89.00 10 & Up $57.00


Melamine Wood Grain Slatwall Panels

Birch Melamine Panel

Birch Melamine

1 to 9 $72.00 Each - 10 & Up $46 Each

Oak Melamine Slatwall

Oak Melamine

Call 800 619 9566

Maple Melamine Panel

Maple Melamine

Call 800 619 9566

Cherry Melamine Panel

Cherry Melamine

1 to 9 $72.00 Each - 10 & Up $51 Each

Gray Nebula Panel

Gray Nebula

Call 800 619 9566

What are Melamine Slatwall Panels?

Melamine Slatwall Panels consist of a particle board panel with slatwall groves milled in them with an affordable and attractive covering known as Melamine.  Melamine is a foil like covering manufactured from a resin with the durability of paint that is available in all types of colors and wood grain type finishes.  Melamine is more affordable to use and apply to slatwall panels then paint because when you use paint on bare wood particleboard it is best to first cover the particleboard panel with an undercoat to better protect the particle board before applying the actual paint covering.

Black Slatwall Hooks

White Slatwall Hooks

Chrome Slatwall Hooks

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Melamine Slatwall Panels